• VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a new technology of making and receiving calls, using a broadband Internet connection instead of a telephone line. VoIP users can experience the most clear and quality calling experience. These calls can be made or received using a VoIP phone or a soft-phone installed in a computer. Moreover VoIP is a technology which can provide a lot of enhanced features and is aimed to replace the existing PSTN telephones.

    Cheap VoIP Calls

    The VoIP comparison of broadband suppliers helps you to analyze a wide variety of VoIP plans and packages available in UK. Every package has detailed information about the Setup fee, rental, no. of countries covered and details about free calling. We also aim to update you with the cheapest pricing for making VoIP calls to India, UK and USA. Also we have included a VoIP guide which is designed and updated by our expert team to let you know about the setup, installation and best use of the service.