Unlimited Broadband

Prices of broadband deals with unlimited download limits have come down a lot in recent years. The bandwidth allowance given by the providers is also on the increase, thanks to many new ISPs entering the market. Many of us download music, videos and use internet telephone services to save money on our phone calls. Knowing that there is a large bandwidth to use for a set price offers peace of mind that there is unlikely to be nasty surprises when you get the bill. Have a look the unlimited broadband comparison chart below for the latest deals.

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Unlimited Business Fibre Broadband + UK Anytime Calls
Unlimited Business Fibre Broadband + UK Anytime Calls from 26 a month. 24 month contract. 0.00 activation fee applies
£26.00 a month
Sky Broadband Superfast and Free Anytime Talk
Get Sky Broadband Superfast and Free Anytime Talk for 27pm for 18 months. 0 setup fees. Price may change during this period. Contract length: 18 months Speed: 59MB
£27.00 a Month
Fast Broadband
Fast Broadband - £24.95 a month for 18 months
£24.95 a month
Package Details Speeds
Usage Limit Contract Connection Fee Monthly Cost  
Fibre 35
Fibre 35 - £22.00 a month for 18 months and £2 SuperSafe Boost for 24 months. £0.00 setup fee
Unlimited18 monthsFree
Fibre 35 TV
Fibre 35 TV - £24.00 a month for 18 months (£0.00 Box cost) £0.00 setup fee Includes £2/month TV charge
Unlimited18 monthsFree
Fibre 65
Fibre 65 - £24.00 a month for 18 months and £2 SuperSafe Boost for 24 months
Unlimited18 monthsFree
Fibre 150
Fibre 150 - £29.95 a month for 18 months and free Supersafe boost. £0.00 setup fee
Unlimited18 monthsFree
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  • Unlimited Broadband

    Broadband these days has become a common term among internet users. It is nothing but a higher bandwidth connection to the internet. Unlimited broadband is another important term associated and is referred to as downloading of as much data as possible in a given month without incurring extra charges. This technique was introduced when networks became overloaded whenever users downloaded data up to the size of 300, 400 or 500GB on a regular basis. Large data such as music and video files require higher download speeds and limits. Thanks to the introduction of fibre optic cables. With so many cheap broadband offers available in the market, one can make a good choice quickly and easily without any delays. However, a thorough research will safeguard you from selecting a wrong broadband provider because a contract with any ISP is sure to last at least for 12 months once tied up.

    Is unlimited broadband really required?

    Internet users initially were using broadband only to surf the internet, manage mails and chat, but the actual need for the internet increased when they started streaming video and music files and using social networking websites. This in turn required higher download and upload speed to stream videos and music faster. While light internet users or Home users opted for lower bandwidth to surf and check mails, heavy users opted for higher bandwidth. It is also reported that more than two-thirds of the internet users use Wi-Fi technology to get online.

    Track your download

    It is always necessary to keep a track of how much content you are downloading at the end of the day. At times it becomes difficult if one uses more than one number of computer, smartphone or any other on the home network. A table that gives details of the data usage for each type of download be useful when one needs to download different kinds of data. It is always better to understand our need while selecting a broadband package.

    Traffic management in Broadband

    Broadband service providers must make it a point to strictly implement traffic management policy in order to avoid speed loss whenever the number of internet users increases during peak time. Fair usage policy was never used by few companies like Orange but truly unlimited broadband was given to its customers. There will be slow down in the internet speed if traffic management is not maintained properly by the service providers. Also fair usage policy is yet another way of managing the broadband service. The amount of traffic on the network can be managed with the fair usage policy as well.

    Orange recently has removed fair usage policy and has introduced the complete unlimited broadband. A survey conducted by 2009 Ofcom has revealed that Orange has given the best customer satisfaction followed by other companies like BT, Sky and TalkTalk. While Sky gives unlimited broadband for half price for a specific period, BT and TalkTalk offers free broadband connection when purchased online. The offer given by the companies is subject to change anytime. Hence, check for a perfect offer before getting one.

    Factors for selecting a right broadband

    Competition in the broadband market has not only helped in the production of best quality products but also has helped customers get best and cheap broadband along with handful of offers and perks that included free wireless routers and other call options. One must also think about various other factors like speed, which cannot be sacrificed for the sake of saving money. BT, Virgin Media and Sky give its customers the best broadband offers with higher download speeds and free wireless routers. Unlimited broadband deals offered by various companies include cheapest unlimited broadband and free unlimited broadband dongle. Virgin Media offers up to 10Mb fibre optic broadband to its customers. Like other companies, O2 also offers 3 months free service on home broadband. But this offer is available only on selected packages. As mentioned earlier, offers are subject to change anytime and hence must be checked before buying one.

    Different types of internet users

    Internet users fall in to various categories depending upon the usage of broadband. Companies introduce broadband packages with offers to attract and retain its customers. An apt broadband deal can be selected if you know in which category you fall in to. Read through the following different types of users and find in which type of category you fall into.

    • Light internet users

    If you require broadband only to browse, for internet banking and to check websites occasionally then you can very well go for the cheapest broadband that gives lower download speeds, which in most cases is unlikely to be used completely before the end of the month. The home broadband speed is likely to be 1 or 2Mbps which is sufficient enough for just surfing and checking mails.

    • Medium internet users

    If you check mails and browse websites on everyday basis; and also download music and video files occasionally then you fit into this category of user. It requires just moderate download speed which is usually used up by the end of the month. Additional usage will be charged with minimal amount for every GB.

    • Heavy internet users

    If you browse on the internet every day and also stream videos and music on a regular basis, then you fall into this category. You require unlimited broadband to stream videos and download music files at a higher speed.

    Different service providers

    Some of the most famous and recommended broadband providers in UK are Virgin Media, Orange, TalkTalk, Sky, BT Total Broadband, BE, Plusnet, O2, AOL broadband, KCOM, Three, Vodafone, Tesco, Zen internet, Primus and T Mobile.

    Tips about unlimited broadband

    It is always necessary for anyone to understand about various conditions before selecting any broadband offer. You must also look for the varied costs and rate offered by different companies. Comparison of offers given by different companies must be done to get a clear picture of the broadband providers and the market conditions. Few companies even allow bargains on their offer. In general, higher costs refer to higher broadband usage and broadband speed. It is always a good idea for anyone to go for the best, yet the cheapest broadband provider.