Zzoom gets ready for full fibre rollout with new supply deal

The newly started ISP Zzoom is having aim to reach around 1 million premises in the UK with their full fibre (FTTP) network having 10 Gbps capacity by the year 2024. The ISP has recently entered into a supplier agreement with Hexatronic for an amount of £2.5 million.

They are planning to begin their initial network rollout which is about to start in this summer in the smaller cities say for e.g. Amersham, Huntingdon, Hastings and Weymouth and also plans to cover the suburb areas of big cities such as London and Birmingham.

Zzoom has already entered into an agreement for usage of XGS-PON (ADTRAN) next generation solution and equipment with which they can offer 10 Gbps network service to the premises both homes and businesses. The above new agreement with Hexatronic will supply the passive network components and also comprehensive logistics, engineering support and training package.

Zzoomm CEO – Matthew Hare said that Hexatronic are the best partner for them and with such comprehensive arrangement they can concentrate on building a brilliant network and execute best things for their customers. With their support the ISP can execute network roll out in the towns and cities in the UK to bring better full fibre future in the UK.

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