Zen Internet’s Richard Tang steps down as CEO

The Founder and long time CEO of Zen Internet – Richard Tang has informed that he is getting relieved from his role. The Rochdale based Zen Internet will be led by the new CEO Paul Stobart who is the current Chairman of the company.

Zen Internet which was started in 1995, has gained good reputation since its inception and showing continued growth level. At present Zen has more than 500 employees and with over one lakh customer base in the UK. The turnover of the company in 2017 is £64 million and aims to achieve a £100 m worth business within three years and £250 million in ten years.

Richard Tang has set on executing ground work for achieving best future growth of Zen just not changing the structure of the management but by bringing a board with directors for the first time. Then was Paul Stobart appointed as chairman of the company.

CEO of Zen Internet – Richard Tan said that for the past few years, he has been working a lot for promoting the business via blogs, talks at the events and media work which made him to become as a face of Zen in the world.

Zen believe in doing everything differently. First making Paul as a CEO was got set absolutely who is an excellent visionary and leader with his great strategic experience in running technology businesses.

Now both Richard Tang and Paul Stobart are planning to swap their jobs from October 1, 2018 within Zen as per latest news. So it will help them to do more promotional work for the achievement of future growth of Zen Internet to become a big ISP.

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