Zen Internet offers Unlimited Fibre Office Package for users

Zen Internet , the UK internet service provider, has launched a new Unlimited Fibre Office Package that offers with it up to 19Mbps upload and 76Mbps download speeds. It comes with a 60Mbps speed guarantee. The deal will cost business and home users £59 (+VAT) per month, on a 1 year contract. Customers have to take up the Business Line Rental at £17 (+VAT) per month, to avail the package. The line rental does not offer any free calls, but benefits include the 60Mbps speed guarantee, a 99% uptime guarantee and 24×7 technical support with 12 hour fix time. If down, Zen will fix and have you up within 7 hours, or otherwise credit £25 to your account.

The MD of Zen Internet, Richard Tang, says that businesses wanting a guarantee on performance can take up the Unlimited Fibre Office for sure. The package allows firms to benefit from the full potential of superfast broadband, with no limits and additional charges, he added. He said that Zen has invested in infrastructure to provide cutting edge fibre services for less, with quality, reliability and with a reputation behind it.

Over the past 12 months, Zen Internet has invested into core infrastructure worth £4 million and built 200 local exchange Points of Presence. The firm also offers broadband services through 270 other locations, potentially covering 6 million premises in the UK.

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