YouGov Rates T-Mobile as the Best Mobile Broadband Provider

The research reports of one of the most popular research agencies in the world rated T-Mobile, the best mobile broadband service provider in the United Kingdom as the ISP that provided the fastest mobile broadband service in Britain.

Incidentally, the survey agency YouGov has chosen T-Mobile for the third consecutive time as the top mobile broadband supplier. Thhe mobile broadband customers in the country who were polled by the agency rated the service of T-Mobile fastest for both download and upload speeds, besides giving it top marks for user friendliness and customer satisfaction. T-Mobile was also ranked by the consumers for unsophisticated billing and cost effectiveness.

An elated post-pay marketing head of T-Mobile UK, Steve Mitchell said that their constant success in what was the country’s most regular as well as complete sambling of mobile broadband service consumer satisfaction, showed that the customers rated them highly for better service levels and value for money. He also claimed that the cusomers had added assurance as well that they remained the sole operator to provide them with unlimited browsing devoid of run-on rate charges.

Meanwhile, YouGov revealed that it had polled more than two thousand broadband users from all the major internet service providers operating in the United Kingdom.

YouGov plc that is a professional organisation that conducts consultation and research, pioneering the use of the information and internet technology to glean top quality and profound data for not only market reseach but also stakeholder consultation. The agency operates a 250,000 UK members’ panel, which includes members from demographic types, socio-economic groups and representing all ages.

Apart from its European engagements, YouGov also operates in the United States of America and the countries of the Middle East.

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