Will you ditch your slow landline for Three’s mobile broadband?

With the launch of the HomeFi 4G broadband service, Three UK is hoping to persuade you to drop your ISP’s standard non-fibre broadband connection, if you live in an area with strong 4G signal. Chances are that you landline delivered broadband is slower than mobile 4G based broadband. Three UK is hoping to end this problem without you having to pay a fortune. This is great news if your ISP’s service is painfully slow. Three UK may not be the first telecom company to offer an affordable mobile broadband package, but they appear to be one that’s not restricting service to select parts of UK.

This mobile broadband service will cost you £24 a month. Get a 40GB data allowance over a choice of a single month or 12 month contract. If you opt for the monthly contract, you have to pay £60 for the router which converts the signal into Wi-Fi. Setting it up is simple. Find the spot with adequate signal strength in your house and plug in the router. At a given time, you can connect up to 32 devices. But the SIM card appears not to be the standard kind used for you phone.

However to switch over, you have to consider the strength of the local signal and if you have lots of people using devices, the 40GB data limit may not be sufficient. Although a coverage map would promise decent signal strength, what you receive may be something different! Otherwise, Three UK has a convenient offer and you can sign-up to the wireless broadband service on 4G.

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