Will Bluetooth DUN Replace The Routers In Future?

Bluetooth is one of the major technological advancements in the field of telecommunications where data is transferred from one mobile to another without use of cables. In other words, it is short distance wireless communication between two devices. It is done within a span of 10 meters. For the device to use Bluetooth technology, it must have profile capabilities. One of the profile capabilities is DUN. DUN stands for Dial Up Networking. It is based on Serial Port Profile.

Bluetooth DUN is a wireless internet technology. This wireless device is used to connect to the internet using Bluetooth enabled cell phone as modem. It is a wireless protocol that enables communication to take place in PAN (Personal Area Network). It mainly uses the frequency hopping technique to transfer data in short distances. To make use of Bluetooth DUN, a Bluetooth laptop along with Bluetooth enabled mobile phone is a must. If Bluetooth is not enabled in your laptop, then Bluetooth adapter can be used. First, switch on Bluetooth on both the devices. The laptop will then detect the mobile phone within the perimeter.

The mobile phone is then connected to the internet using dial up access phone number (which is provided by internet service provider). Once the mobile phone is discovered in your laptop, choose the dial up networking service provider. After selecting this option, Bluetooth adapter will enable the internet access. Another technique of accessing internet is through routers. The router is a network device which interfaces multiple networks. To enable a wireless network, multiple wireless ROUTERS must be placed within specified area, so that internet is accessed through laptop or mobile phones within the area. Such areas are termed as Wi-Fi hotspots. Some examples of Wi-Fi hotspots are airports, coffee shops, libraries, etc.

The main advantage of using DUN is that the technique of accessing internet is used in areas where Wi-Fi is not present. The Bluetooth devices are used instead of modem. It does not require direct line of sight connection. The Bluetooth can be used on different OS. It is very inexpensive as it requires only two devices (a laptop and Bluetooth enabled mobile). The drawback of Bluetooth is that speed is very low. It is in range of kbps. The internet connection through routers requires a modem.

The routers require a WIFI enabled device to access internet. It is too costly when compared to Bluetooth. The main advantage compared to Bluetooth is speed. The speed of router connection is in range of Giga hertz. In router connection, multiple computers can access internet (by forming a network). In Bluetooth connection, the specific device can only access net, which is very slow. The router is used for providing internet within LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network) and sometimes even MAN (Metropolitan Area Network), whereas Bluetooth is used only for PAN (Personal Area Network). The antenna is main component of router. The powerful antennas are used to boost the signal strength.

The Bluetooth enabled internet connection leads to heavy loss of data packets. The wireless router would minimize data loss and transmit packets efficiently. Both the above devices have advantages and disadvantages. The wireless routers form a major role for high speed broadband connection in WIFI hotspots and thus, cannot be eliminated. From the above facts, it is clearly understood that routers play a pivotal role in high speed internet access and therefore cannot be eliminated.


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