WightFibre announces boost of speeds up to 152Mbps

WightFibre has announced that their top package with 120 Mbps speed will get another free boost of speed to 152Mbps. The service provider which operates TV, phone and cable broadband networks across the Isle of Wight, which is just off the coast of England, will be giving this boost to their customers from October this year.

The move comes as the operator finds that the internet traffic volume used at peak times by customers has gone up 200%+ in the last 2 years. This speed boost makes its service match the best speeds offered on the mainland cable equivalent of Virgin Media. It will almost be double that of BT’s Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC) package offering of 80Mbps. Presently BT is working with the government’s BDUK scheme to roll-out superast broadband, offering speeds of 24Mbps+, on the island. Albeit BT’s rollout, WightFibre has long back proposed to make faster services available through their network to the residents and without council funding. But the local authority still preferred to pick BT for the job.

CEO of WightFibre, John Irvine, has said people need powerful broadband to get a better experience, as they connect more things to the internet, all at the same time. Their internet traffic volume has gone up 50% in the last 9 months and crossed 200% during July 2012, he added. He pointed out that these are much higher than national averages and that they can deliver better performance than other providers here. WightFibre operates totally independently of BT and has extended their lead as the fastest broadband provider in the island, he remarked.

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