Wi-Fi Explained

Wi-Fi is in other words called Wireless Broadband. It is also called as Wireless Fidelity or Wireless Networking. The concept is finally, broadband free of wires. A Wi-Fi transmitter comes into use when one needs to use a portable device such as a PDA or a laptop. The significance of the WiFi transmitter is that it allows the user to function his portable device, anywhere around the office or house or wherever provided it be a WiFi hotspot.

A Wi-Fi hot spot acts like a base station where any number of PDAs or desktops or laptops can be put to broadband internet connection, without the help of any installing phone line or cables. The essentials for a quick wireless broadband access via Wi-Fi are; a broadband connection and a wireless transmitter. Wireless Access Point is another name of this concept. It is more or less a small box with one or two antennas that connects to a computer. Finally, to receive the signal, a Wi-Fi adapter is required.

Now-a-days most portable devices like laptops or PDAs come with integrated Wi-Fi receivers, so an additional receiver that much looks like a chewing gum stick, fitting into any spare USB port, is not required. If the user has multiple computers in his premises and he needs to access internet using all the available devices, he needs an ADSL Wi-Fi router that is more convenient as well as cheaper.

A Wi-Fi transmitter combined with a high-speed modem is called a Wi-Fi router. It comes with a remarkable advantage that a computer is not required to run it. That says, the router can be directly connected into the desktop’s or laptop’s phone socket to gain internet broadband access wherever they are. This also means that the main computer need not be kept running all the time.

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