Whole Home Wi-Fi system launched by BT

BT has launched the Whole Home Wi-Fi, a new advanced system claimed to be one of the first of its kind in the UK. The new mesh network gives customers a complete Wi-Fi network that covers every part of the building or home, eliminating ‘not spots’.

The technology uses 3 repeater discs (165mm) that are set up around the building. Each of the repeaters have 4 dual-band antennas and the system works intelligently by switching the user of a device to the most reliable, strongest or fastest signal emanating from a repeater disc, even as the user moves into a different room of the home, streaming videos or making video calls, or as they walk about the house.

The Whole Home Wi-Fi system comes with an app. It shows who is online and how the network is being used. Using the app, a user can temporarily stop access and go offline. One can even choose the brightness of the disc lights, or turn them off altogether. BT said the system can start working, straight out of the box, is simple to set up and has one-touch software updates for security and firmware.

The Director of BT Devices and BT Wi-Fi, Erik Raphael, remarked that they know how important a great Wi-Fi experience is at home and how annoying if you don’t get it. The app puts the user “firmly in control” of the network at home, he added.

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