Vodafone offers the cheapest broadband deals and reaches 278,000 users

Vodafone is making its broadband packages the cheapest in the county. Vodafone is reported to be dropping the set up fees for broadband packages. They have recently cut £5 off the monthly price of two superast fibre home broadband packages. That makes their Unlimited Fibre 38 (up to 38Mbps) package, just £20 and the Unlimited Fibre 76 (up to 76Mbps) package, just £25, with no set up fee and with unlimited usage. Both come on a 18-month minimum contract period.

The Black Friday deals kick-off on 24th November, Friday and is followed closely by Cyber Monday deals. However, many retailers are offering discounts well ahead of these days. The price cut makes Vodafone’s packages UK’s lowest priced fibre broadband service. The Ultra-smart Vodafone Connect router is included in their packages for free. The provider also adds a bonus by including a 6-month subscription to the anti-virus software F-Secure SAFE.

The provider’s deals are great for internet usage, but the packages include line rental. So, you can make calls too, but on pay-as-you-go basis. On the calls you make, 19p will be charged for initial call connection, then it will be 11.50p per minute for UK landline calls and 13p per minute for calls to mobile phones. Add to your broadband package inclusive evening and weekend calls with an extra £4 per month. It is £8 per month for anytime inclusive calls to landline and mobiles in UK. However, if you don’t have an Openreach phone line, Vodafone will set it up, for an additional cost of £60, for you. Vodafone’s deal ends by 27th November (Monday) and so you still have a couple of weeks to shop around.

Vodafone’s latest Q3 2017 results recorded a growth in fixed line broadband of +33,000 in the quarter, to a total of 278,000 users, bettering Q2 growth. Meanwhile, their coverage on 4G Mobile has reached 97% of the country. The company has also struck a new deal with CityFibre to plan the roll-out of a Gigabit capable FTTH/P broadband network, to reach 5 million UK premises by 2025.

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