Vodafone 4G Mobile roaming now in 63 destinations globally

Vodafone UK has announced a benefit to its customers. Their 4G (LTE) based service will offer the same connectivity to its customers while they are roaming across 63 destinations world over, more than any other UK carrier they claim. Their customers will be able to use whatever allowances they have in existing plans, while roaming, to use up calls, or texts or data. If they include 3G or 4G, it will increase to 70 destinations. Latest destinations added now include Mauritius, Jordan, Cambodia, Azerbaijan and Albania.

Existing Vodafone customers can take advantage of this enhanced list by paying from £3 per day on the Euro Traveller add-on. Or a customer can opt for the World Traveller deal for £5 per day, which also applies to countries not in EU. All charges out of the bundle is charged as per the price plans in the UK for customers. Vodafone UK has collaborated with Guardian Labs to create a guide called ‘Alternative Europe’ which is a guide to the less obvious city destinations that can be found in Europe and helps them share tips and experiences using their smartphones.

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