Virgin Media uses Cable Ducts of Openreach in their network expansion

One of the leading ISPs in the UK Virgin Media has recently informed that they have used the cable ducts of Openreach for the first time for expansion of their FTTP based broadband and TV network to reach another 2,000 premises in Pontyclun located in South Wales.

Recently Openreach has also introduced their revised Physical Infrastructure Access product to reflect the new Duct & Pole Access of the Ofcom. It will be very helpful for the ISPs to get cheaper, easier in full fibre deployments by making use of the existing ducts and poles. Virgin Media used last year with a trial of their revised product under a railway line in Stallingborough (Lincolnshire). The current one is the official use by them as a part of their £3bn Project Lightning network expansion.

Virgin Media said that fibre cabling is really a complex process and Pontyclun has some build challenges in some areas of network expansion. For overcoming such issues, VM has made use of Openreach’s ducts. Hence the PIA related build were used near bridge crossing connecting Llantrisant Road and Cowbridge Road in Pontyclun.

VM Build Director for the South – Alan Bristow said that people living in or businesses in Pontyclun can get the benefits of fastest broadband speeds with the help of their new network expansion using Openreach’s ducts. They plan to consider using of ducts in more areas of the UK.

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