Virgin Media to offer fastest 350Mbps speeds to consumer broadband

Virgin Media has announced that it would boost top level consumer fibre broadband speeds to 350Mbps from spring this year. Virgin’s ultra-fast fibre infrastructure reaches about 1.5 million British households now and some consumers in certain areas might have noticed the boost recently. Officially, BT Openreach has recorded the top offering of 330Mbps in UK, but the new announcement means Virgin will be back on top.

This move is part of the company’s £3 billion Project Lightning upgrade programme, underway for the past 2 years. The process of upgrading and improving the FTTP network to Gigabit capability is now finally benefiting more consumers. Their business customers have already got upgraded to speeds of up to 350Mbps, but depending on the package they opted for.

Whether existing customers on 300Mbps will be automatically upgraded, or the service will be at a premium and what are going to be the prices, are yet to be known. When Project Lightning gets completed, the company will reach 60% of British homes. The provider has already got a customer base of over 5.1 million and they are using advertised speeds of between 50 and 300 Mbps.

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