Virgin Media introduces steps to manage traffic

A new traffic management policy has been put forward by Virgin Media mainly aimed at customers experiencing broadband speed of 30Mbps or more. According to the new policy, the earlier allotted time during the day (from 10am to 3pm) has been cancelled; instead management for one hour is being planned for.

The throttling level significantly dropped from 50% to 40% and if dropped further it would mean that there will be enough speed left to stream video from Lovefilm or Netflix. The new management policy might be slightly bitter for heavy users who download a lot per month. But the same would not show any effect on those users who download more just once in a month or upload occasionally.

With regards to the upstream traffic management policy, there will be a trigger in the speed which reduces by 60% when users upload 900MB with 30Mbps during the first hour. And when another 300MB is uploaded the speed further reduces by 75%. Since the triggers are independent of upload and download speeds, users can manage their upload while still downloading with the full connection speed. And users with 5, 10 or 20Mbps service need to check for the changes in the traffic management policy.

From the above management policy one can thus understand that data upload need to be done only outside peak hours to manage it better. Else, users may get a router that can help them out with this.

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