Virgin Media allows use of Sky Cinema app to download movies to watch offline

Virgin Media is allowing subscribers now to use the Sky Cinema app to download movies and watch them offline. But the subscriber has to be on the Full House bundle of Virgin Media and have Sky Cinema added to the package. You, the subscriber, have to download the Sky Cinema app either from Google Play or App Store. Use your My Virgin Media details to sign-in. You’ll then be able to choose a film to download, when linked to a Wi-Fi hotspot, or using the mobile data allowance, to watch it offline, either on a mobile device or a tablet, anywhere you like. The download will remain on the mobile device for 30 days to finish watching. Films recently available, or soon to be added, include Fifty Shades Darker, Sing, Assassin’s Creed, T2 Trainspotting and The Great Wall.

The Full House bundle currently comes on a 12-month contract, for £56 per month, with a one-off activation fee of £20. To add Sky Cinema, it’ll cost you £10 extra a month. The bundle includes a Virgin TV V6 box, 100Mbps broadband and over 230 channels, including all BT Sport HD channels, plus inclusive weekend calls. Sky Cinema offers 11 dedicated channels and thousands of films available on-demand. It also includes pop-up channels hosting dedicated content.

The package also adds a 6-month subscription to Netflix and access to Virgin TV Anywhere app, that enables you to watch movies or TV shows on-the-go, in different ways. The app can be used to start watching content on your TV, then paused and continued later, to be watched on your mobile or tablet. As long as you are connected to Wi-Fi, you can watch up to 100 live TV channels. The app allows you to set up recordings from wherever you are. Use Netflix to stream content when on an internet connection. Or download to watch offline later.

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