USRobotics USR815668D 56k Message Modem

Modems are a vital part of any office or business enterprise for the flexibility in using it and its ability to bring in broadband connection quickly. USRobotics USR815668D 56k Message Modem is one of the latest models available in the market that comes with voice messaging facility along with faxing capability. The faxing facility of this modem has made it stand ahead of other models in its category. The benefit of this feature is that the modem can receive as well as store fax machined even if the associated computer being is not switched on.

Another key benefit of this modem is that it merges telephone messaging features with the support of the latest V.92 technology and the included answering machine can store up to 20 minutes of phone messages. The other main highlights of this modem is that you can connect to the internet quickly, attend to incoming calls even when you are online and at the same time send e-mail up to 50% faster.

Technical Specifications
This new modem is compatible with most ITU and Bell standards down to 300 bps. It also supports caller ID facility.

Standards and Protocols Supported

  •  ITU V.92/V.90 up to 56 Kbps downloads
  •  Data: V.92, V.90, V.34, V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.22, V.23, and V.21
  •  ITU V.34 at 33.6 Kbps or 28.8 Kbps
  •  V.32 at 19.2 Kbps (21.6 Kbps between Courier modems with ASL)
  •  ITU V.32bis at 14.4 Kbps
  •  HST at 16.8 Kbps
  •  Data Error Control; Compression: V.42/V.42bis and MNP2-4/5
  •  Fax: ITU V.17 at 14.4 Kbps, ITU V.29 at 9600 bps, ITU V.27ter at 7200 bps, Group III, TIA/EIA 578 Class 1, and TIA/EIA 592 Class 2.0

The compatible operating systems supported by the new USRobotics USR815668D 56k Modem include DOS, Windows 3.1/95/98/Me/NT 4.0/2000/XP/Server 2003/XP 64 bit/Server 2003 64 bit/Vista/Vista 64 bit**, UNIX, Linux, and any operating system that supports an RS-232 serial port. The device comes with 0.27kg weight and its dimensions are 4.3 x 7.1 x 1.7 in. It comes with Two-year limited manufacturer warranty too.

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