Using 3G & 4G services, Vodafone targets 100% coverage of Swindon

As part of Vodafone’s investment to expand its network nationwide, Swindon becomes the latest area to benefit. Vodafone, with a £2 billion investment, is expanding its 3G and 4G mobile network providing mobile internet and voice services to additional areas and strengthening its existing indoor and outdoor coverage.

Vodafone says recent strengthening of its 3G network across Swindon has already offered customers greater coverage, faster internet and High Definition (HD) Voice technology and has brought coverage to 98% of the town. They claim that mobile data-traffic in Swindon town has sky-rocketed now. Vodafone says customers used over 8.5TB of data on average, per week. Music fans alone streamed 4 million times on Spotify, in the month of May alone.

The company plans a 100% upgrade of sites across the town, by setting up a 4G overlay system. The system will again create better outdoor and indoor coverage for voice or data usage. The provider aims to cope with increasing demands from concentrated areas of customers, with the highest network capacity possible.

In UK, Vodafone has recently expanded coverage to reach 578 large cities, towns and districts, plus has covered thousands of smaller communities, on their ultrafast 4G service. The network improvement also aims to reach mobile not-spots, the areas with no or weak mobile signal, with their 3G services. This is highlighted in the case of Boad Chalke, a rural community in Wiltshire. It is the latest place to be covered under the Rural Open Sure Signal (ROSS) project, that uses ‘femtocell’ technology to extend reliable 3G coverage. Vodafone has already launched new technologies, such as, Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) and Wi-Fi Calling to boost mobile services.

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