Updated Google Maps emerge

At the end of the previous year, Google updated Maps for Android, bringing new map data indicating layout of shopping malls, airports, etc. The users were much excited about it. However the users could not get much guidance from Google regarding direction.

That is a past storey. Google is set to release a new Maps update which will support directions.

Google Maps 6.7 clearly gives directions for those who walk indoor and outdoor. It may be helpful for those who wish to visit a multi storied shopping complex with many departmental sores. The map will locate the store the customer wants to visit. The direction will also be provided.

There are other features as well with this latest Maps. Apart from locating the correct shop, there is support for panoramic images within the stores as well. This is possible by clicking the option ‘see inside’.

Google has also built Google Offers into Maps, which will enable the users to know about the deals from local business concerns. These can be checked in the traditional list view. Otherwise, Google Offers can be put onto the Map display, giving an indication of the closest shop.

Google Maps version 6.7 for Android is full of great features and the users are advised to download it from Google Play. It will provide help to locate places for eating, shopping and playing.

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