UK Parents to be aided by New AOL Website

A new UK-based website launched by AOL strives to help the parents in the country through advice, news and support on numerous issues pertaining to the upbringing of their children. AOL, which started as an independent internet service providing company was acquired by Carphone Warehouse later, and now runs as the asset of the later, alongside its TalkTalk and recently bought Tiscali UK.

The website flopated by AOL that is named ParentDish, through its UK model will strive to glean words of wisdom as well as experience from mothers and fathers across the nation, in the form of blogs. Subsequently, a database of recommendations, hints and stories that the broadband customers with children may find valuable will be built on the site.

ParentDish website will form part of the Living Channel facility of AOL UK, apart from including photo galleries, polls and more. However, all content will be targeting the requirements of parents and those belonging to the childcare industry. The US version of the website reaches about 2.8 million users on a monthly basis. This information has been revealed by the Media Metrix of comScore.

The spokesman for the company in Europe has stated that they did not expect the sort of success they received UK broadband in a very short time, although it was tremendously popular in North American countries.

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