UK’s cheapest mobile phone, Alcatel 1010 launched on T-Mobile network

UK’s cheapest mobile phone, Alcatel 1010 has been launched in the UK. It is reported that Asda will sell this mobile phone for just £5 making it the cheapest one. This feature phone is built with 1.45 inch screen, 3MB of memory, wireless FM radio, an in-built MP3 player and a hands-free function. It weighs 59g and is available in red or black colour.

Alcatel 1010 is available on T-Mobile network as pay-as-you-go and can be picked from online or in-store. It does not require minimum top-up. It will be targeted at elderly people who want to keep in touch with their dear ones at minimum cost and also at those who are looking forward to cut on expenses during the festive season. This is one way for shoppers to save money and is sure to attract shoppers of all ages. A research report says that due to the weak wage growth and the rising cost of electricity and gas, the average income of households in the United Kingdom has come down by £2 to £157.

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