Two-tier Internet defended by the ISPs

A debate was last day organised by the government of the United Kingdom with a view to have an insight into the future of web. The meeting had been a culmination of the government’s wish to see the maintaining of free as well as equal internet principles.

The high point of the debate was the broadband providers defending their right to operating a two tier internet, which is elsewhere called two speed internet. This topic had been recently fuel for a key debate with the internet service providers increasingly tending to prioritise certain traffic and block some on their networks.

After the conclusion of the meeting, the creation of a broadband content group was called for by the BBC the would represent the providers of content.

As a matter of fact, the BBC, along with Facebook, Skype, Yahoo and Google were growing increasingly concerned regarding the ways with which the net neutrality issue is being dealt with.

On the other hand, the internet service providers looking to make a return on the highly expensive networks of theirs were crying against the principle that all net traffic need to be treated with equal regards. According to their argument, if the providers of content wished to pay for getting their traffic prioritised on the network, they should be let to do so.

However, there are a number of digital activists and content owners, who argue that a policy such as that would culminate into doing damage to the internet in the long term.

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