Trunk Networks launched Leetline for video gamers

One of the business ISPs in the UK, Trunk Networks has recently launched Leetline, which is a new broadband provider especially for the online multiplayer video gamers. They offer a network which can deliver low latency and high bandwidth internet connectivity for the fans of game players.

As per their website, the network will support to manage or contend the traffic in any way possible and will use the shortest path to the gaming servers. They are having peering agreement with other networks such as LINX Manchester, LONAP, AMS-IX and France-IX and a LINX connection partner. They strive to make heavy investments so that they can ensure for better network and not congested.

The ISP offers networks of ADSL, FTTC, FTTP and based broadband packages on Openreach and that give unlimited usage, free wireless router, a contract term of 12 months, static IP address and £12 as delivery charge. They offer the packages at average prices in the industry.

Last month, Director of Trunk Networks – Darren Elsom said that genrally gamers are making high spend of money on hardware and comuters but most of the time they dissatisfied with the broadband network due to low standard. They understand how gamers and children spending more time in gaming, they give importance to a high quality connectivity hence formed Leetline.

Leetline pledges for their customers that they will take complaints seriously about poor connectivity on the specific game servers. They will not just leave the issue and in turn they will ask the users to send them the trace route where they find issues and they will ensure for the fastest route.

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