Trial of 5G ultrafast Fixed Wireless by Arqiva and Samsung go live in London

The first trial of a multi-Gigabit speed Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) system based on 5G, has gone live in London, confirmed Samsung and Arqiva, the wireless infrastructure provider. The FWA broadband network that uses the 28Hz millimetre wave radio spectrum band is being tested over distances of several hundreds of metres. The 2-way link achieved in the trial was stable enough. The mmWave link hit download speeds touching around 1GB per second at the CPE (router).

The rial is planned to run for 4 months and it could be extended to other additional buildings nearby, with plans to test faster speeds. The trial has Samsung’s kit that implements high-frequency mmWave spectrum and intelligent bead-forming technology, to run the high-bandwidth connectivity. The link is achieved by a Radio Access Unit placed on the rooftop of the Fitzrovia office of Arqiva. It connects wirelessly to a CPE (router) nearby, which has been placed near a window in Arqiva’s headquarters.

CEO of Arqiva, Simon Beresford Wylie, said that the trial is not only the first of its kind in UK, but in Europe too. He was confident that the trial with Samsung, which at this stage is only a proof of concept, will highlight the worth of the bandwidth- 28GHz, in helping to expose the potential of 5G FWA in delivering ultrafast broadband. He added that they are excited about the growth potential, the low latency and high data rates demonstrated and saw great response from the entire customer-base that included media companies, broadcasters, fixed-broadband providers and leading mobile operators.

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