Tibus proposes new fibre network in Belfast, aided by voucher scheme

The capital city of Northern Ireland, Belfast, will soon be benefited by a new fibre-optic network proposed by Tibus (The Internet Business Ltd). Tibus plans to make use of the ‘Connection Voucher scheme extended by government to ‘Superfast Connected Cities’ to roll-out the fibre network in the area. The plan was revealed by Ofcom as part of a formal proposal to grant Code Powers to Tibus, for infrastructure work. The Ofcom consultation is open up to the 23rd of June.

Under the Connection Voucher scheme, individual businesses are eligible to a grant between £200 to £3000 (+VAT) and if located in any of the 22 cities of UK. SMEs having up to 249 employees, showing a turnover not more than £40 million, can be helped to get connectivity to a superfast broadband connection at 30Mbps or more.

On the other hand, several of these vouchers can be aggregated to secure a general improvement of digital infrastructure in the area. Tibus appears to use this approach to leverage their deployment of new networks into areas of central Belfast. Thereafter the provider can expand into other parts of the city and its suburbs.

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