Three UK boosts indoor 4G mobile coverage to 92%

The indoor mobile coverage on Three UK’s 4G (LTE) network has got a boost from 80%, as on June, to 93% at present. This is thanks mainly to the increased rollout of the the lower frequency band of 800MHz. In fact, another 42 roaming destinations have been added recently elsewhere.

Up to now, the 800MHz band has been supporting the new VoLTE service, or the Super Voice service. This has been rolled out over 13% of the operator’s network. Three UK anticipates indoor coverage would boosted to 95%, by the end of the year, as the rollout continues, to benefit what they estimate as 4 million people.

Accoding to the annual update of the operator, subscribers are recording a usage of 5.4 GigaBytes of mobile broadband data at an average per month. This is an increase from about 3.4 GB in 2015. Nevertheless the operator has announced that their subscribers can enjoy roaming at no extra cost, from September this year, in 42 countries, as they have added to their ‘Feel At Home’ service, 24 new destinations, which includes popular destinations such as Greece, Germany and Poland.

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