This Christmas belongs to ‘Work from home’ office staff

The reports of a fresh research points to the interesting fact that more office workers in the United Kingdom would be stocking up on printer-ink as well as ensuring that their printer functioned crisply during this Christmas. The reason is that over 80 per cent of the workers in the country would be working from home this festive season.

The relevant research was carried out by a popular internet service provider operating in the United Kingdom, Demon Internet.  The survey participated more than 550 of its customers to reveal that eight out of every ten office workers in the country expected to work from home at some juncture over the break.

It has also been revealed that over one worker in every six expected to access their emails on the Christmas day. The report given by the survey has been published in the Scotsman.

The internet service provider also revealed in its reports figures showing a increase of 15 per cent on last year’s toll. According to Demon Internet’s chief Matt Cantwell, they as a nation were no more restricted by fixed working hours and have often been the most productive when they worked wherever and whenever it suited them best.

Cantwell further views that it was also clear that the nation was greatly dependent on technology for supporting the workers’ preference for flexible working; particularly with working from home emerging as a necessity with the snow chaos and winter illnesses around.


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