The Wifi SIP Phone


Wireless networks enable internet connectivity without the use of cables in a specific physical location to a span of few. These networks are also termed as Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity). The next era of technology enhancement is to access networks through mobile phones. Such a phone is referred to as WIFI SIP phone. The use of phone would save our telephone bills almost one third. All we require for this device is a simple broadband connections.

The expansion of W-FI SIP is Wireless Fidelity Session Initiation Protocol. WIFI SIP phone uses session initiation protocol to communicate with other mobiles across the globe. The use of protocol is a major advantage. The protocol enables to link the specific server and client (receiving end) in a quicker way. These phones appear similar to VOIP (voice over internet protocol), but they are not exactly the same. Wi-Fi phone uses the SIP to start communications. The WIFI SIP is basically transport independent and text based which makes it easily read by humans. It is also referred as 3GPP signaling protocol. SIP is widely used for video conferencing, streaming multimedia and instant messaging.

The phone must first establish connection to a local Wi-Fi network. The security code is needed to access the net from Wi-Fi hotspots (airports, coffee parlors, pubs, etc) which can be got by getting in touch with the administrator. If it is a free network, then it wouldn’t be a problem. At home, this is easy by simply entering the code that would put you into router.

Once the connection is established with the network, begin sessions with other VOIP devices. The protocol will enable to establish connection, thus making outbound calls through Internet. A software must be installed which would make the WIFI phone to work like a normal mobile phone. There are different kinds of software that is available in market but it would be best to use the software that suits your mobile as in later stage it would lead to problems.

Many people seem to experience lag on the WI-FI SIP phone, but this is due to problem with the network. The concept of working of phones is quite simple. A regular phone transmits the voice signals in analog form. But a phone converts the analog into digital signals and sends signals across the internet as data packets to the wireless receiver. The wireless receiver passes the information to call processor via internet. Throughout the process, wireless receivers are used to locate, initiate, connect and end call. The addresses are very important as they act like direction maps-just like phone numbers for your mobile.

The WIFI SIP phones are great to be dealt with. The outbound local and international calls are practically made free of cost. Whether you call pizza hut or London, it is the same. This is a huge advantage. But, WIFI SIP phones cannot replace normal mobile phones. In mobile phones, emergency calls can be made which is of great help during critical situations whereas in WIFI SIP phones calls, they cannot be done.

Incoming calls can only be got in mobile phones whereas in SIP phones this is a major drawback. For chatting purposes where you don’t like to spend money on telephone bills, it is best to have a phone. In other words, it is a great tool for making outgoing calls. There are different kinds of WI-FI SIP phones are available. These phones are outcome of the latest technology which is mainly focused by the chaps.

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