TalkTalk’s Super Safe Boost upgraded; supports upto 5 PCs

TalkTalk has announced about the up-gradation of its Super Safe Boost thus enabling it to be installed over five PCs as against three earlier.  This add-on has been developed to protect users from various threats such as phishing emails, spyware, viruses, identity thieves, worms and spam.

Super Safe Boost will be available free of cost for households with TalkTalk Plus TV subscription and will cost £2 a month for TalkTalk Essential customers. A Windows computer that is infected with virus or malware can be cleaned up with this add-on. Also, it provides complete protection to various things that are stored on the computer (like music, photos, login details of social media sites, details of bank etc).

Super Safe Boost can be used along with HomeSafe. Protection and safety of sensitive data has become a basic necessity of every user. Hence, it is left to the user to understand its importance in order to implement it correctly.

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