TalkTalk subscribers to get Amazon Alexa on YouView boxes for voice control

TalkTalk TV subscribers, using the YouView platform, can soon make voice commands, as YourView has announced that their set-top boxes are piloting the use of Amazon Alexa, so that users can control their TV using their voice.

Users of YouView set-top boxes will be able to simply speak to search for a preferred programme and to navigate the menu, without using the remote control. TalkTalk’s Aleks Habdenk is Managing Director of TV and he said they were challenging themselves constantly to identify technology to improve their TV service that will help subscribers easily access their platform’s huge range of content.

He pointed out that Amazon Alexa is a kind of innovation that they look to invest in and are excited about the results of this partnership. The new development will build upon the successful rollout that began last year of Next Generation YouView, he added.

The Brand Director at YouView is Executive Creative Fani Sazaklidou and she stated her company’s delight to deploy in this way Amazon Alexa. Describing this as a giant and natural next step, she said this would increase the value of the cloud-based Next Generation platform that has reached over 2 million homes.

Expressing his excitement to work with YouView to create hands-free experience for TVs, the General Manager Fabrice Rousseau of Alexa Sills Kit EU, commented that voice control is a natural way to find content, reducing time spent searching for the remote or the right channel and can make the user’s life easier.

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