TalkTalk offers unlimited fibre broadband for £25 per month

TalkTalk claims to have launched “Britain’s best value” deal on unlimited fibre broadband, starting from today, 19th May. The plan offered is available until 1st June, at £25 per month, which is down from £32. There’s also the option for subscribers to fix the price for up to 24 months. TalkTalk claims it offers savings of up to £560, when compared to similar deals on offer by Virgin Media, BT or Sky. Fixing the price guarantees no mid-contract price hike and the deal is being offered to both old and new customers alike.

Subscribers on the deal get access at speeds of up to 38Mbps, with no caps on data usage. There is no set-up fee, whereas it was charged £60 previously, on all packages, whichever a household opted for. Subscribers also get a free Super Router and can add a flexible landline call plan on this deal. TalkTalk says this is “perfect for homes who are always online”. The provider says the unlimited fibre broadband offers up to 4 times faster service than from a standard broadband and helps those who want to surf, stream and upload, all at the same time.

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