New SuperHub of Vigin Media delivers better WiFi

Virgin Media has introduced its new SuperHub wireless router. The next generation SuperHub is expected to give better WiFi coverage around the home. Thanks to multiple antennas, the 2013 SuperHub’s coverage on 2.4 GHz band with 2 antennas and 3 antennas on 5 GHz band pitches its WiFi performance better and is less affected by other gadgets around the home.

The independent testing done by the University of Bristol and Farncombe Consulting, put to test the 2013 SuperHub against routers from Sky, TalkTalk and BT’s HomeHub. The results claim that the Virgin 2013 SuperHub to be 6 to 9 percent better than competitors, claiming to have set a new benchmark in 5 GHz bandwidth in the process.

Director of Broadband at Virgin Media, Joe Lathan, said the SuperHub is faster than other competitor hubs in delivering wireless connections throughout the home. Tests showed that over the 2.4 GHz band on an average it was 30% faster that the HomeHub4, 82% faster than TalkTalk Hub and a huge 498% faster than Sky Hub. It’s notable that BT has since come out with an enhanced hub, but for its BT Infinity superfast service, called the HomeHub5. EE too has a sophisticated device, but was not tested here.

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