Superfast Broadband to reach 5,300 premises in Worcestershire by a £6.2m contract

The Superfast Worcestershire programme has reached out to more than 5,300 more premises, on their superfast broadband network on FTTP/C tech, by an extension contract with BT/Openreach, via this new deal worth £6.2 million. The target is to reach 96% of Worcestershire by 2019. The programme is already pushing connectivity to reach more than 95% of the county and currently has passed 94% of areas. If we include sub-24Mbps areas, the fibre footprint covers around 98%, with a total of 50,707 premises and is supported by the Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) initiative.

The programme has made several extension deals in the past to boost coverage and the latest contract is a result of the tendering for a Phase 3 contract by the local authority. This phase gets around £1 million of funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), with BT putting in £3.7 million and BDUK generously adding £1.5 million.

The programme has announced that this third phase will be putting full-fibre FTTP broadband on 90% of the network structure, capable of delivering up to 1Gbps. The first structures and additional planed coverage are updated on the project’s development map. Phase 3 is expected to get its work started by early 2018 and it is hoped to be completed by end of 2019. Worcestershire County Council intends to take the coverage further, by seeking additional funding sources and from underspending or clawback, or efficiency savings, or any other means.

Regional Director for Broadband at Openreach, Steve Henderson, says Superfast Worcestershire is already a huge success and all set to go even further, reaching into some of the most remote areas of the region. More than 263,000 premises in the county access superfast broadband thanks to the Superfast Worcestershire partnership and the rollout by private sector companies like Openreach, he added.

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