Super fast Rural Broadband calls for Legislation

An expert in the industry of broadband internet has recently stated that for realising the dream of high speed broadband internet rollout in the rural areas of the United Kingdom, an intervention by the government was quite necessary.

To be preciser, a broadband internet industry official has revealed in a recent report that the involvement of the government of the United Kingdom was greatly warranted for the realisation of the provision of high-speed broadband internet in the rural areas of the United Kingdom.

According to Rowland O’ Connor the aid of a dedicated legislation could also be required for this. He further stated that to ensure that the remote and the rural regions of the United Kingdom were able to get the superfast next generation broadband internet services the help from the government was necessary.

O’Connor pointed out that the former government led by the Labour party had spent considerable time talking of the superfast broadband rollout in the rural areas of the UK with a view to plug the gap between rural and urban broadband access. Nonetheless, he added that despite all the discussions, access to reasonable broadband connection speeds in such areas was still quite limited.

O’Connor also said that despite the United Kingdom as a while marching into the year 2010, a good number of areas of the countryside and other remote regions of Britain were still far from enjoying access to even a paltry 2Mbps broadband service.


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