Be Super-fast Broadband Service Launch confirmed

Be, one of the popular broadband providers operating in the United Kingdom has come forward with the confirmation of its fresh plans to introduce a fresh broadband service to the United Kingdom market, which could be considerable faster than its current broadband connections of the standard type.

To be more precise, the broadband provider that is popular in the UK for its quality home broadband connections. Be is launching a high-speed broadband internet service, which would provide the consumers with internet access speeds of up to 40Mbps.

It is further understood that the internet service provider is employing the line bonding process, from the beginning of the next month, to provide its subscribers with a boosted level of broadband internet service. The line bonding process refers to the merger of two different broadband internet connections for realising a single faster link.

Tom Williams, the operations head at Be Broadband has stated in a posting on the official blog of the firm that pricing for the fresh plans has not yet been decided.

Williams explained that quite a lot of resources as well as overhead were taken to bring forth the product, which obviously reflect in the price. He added that the normal connection cost according to their estimation could be around GBP 85 a month, while the existing members of the ISP would be offered a discounted price of around GBP 50 to 55 per month.

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