Square Mile is the first place in the city of London to get installed with FTTP technology

Openreach is engaged in bringing full fibre (FTTP) across the city of London to provide ultra fast broadband services. FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) is a technology which uses fully fibre optic cables to run from the point of the exchange to home or business place. It provides ultra fast broadband services with a download speed of upto 1 GB. This technology works hundred times faster than standard broadband using copper cables and twelve times faster than superfast technology.

In the middle of this week, Openreach has successfully installed the FTTP in a city office building at 21 Whitefriars Street in the city of London Corporation. Now this is the first building connected with the high speed broadband technology by Openreach as a part of its Fibre First programme. Openreach is planned for 12000+ premises across the the City of London with this technology in this year.

The City of London Corporation is working along with Openreach to find out the demand for full fibre technology and also suggest to deliver the required infrastructure without extra cost to the owners of buildings.

If anyone in the city of London wants to know whether they are covered under the area, they can check with the link provided in the below referred site (fibre checker). Even if they are not covered also, if anyone is interested in this technology, they can express their interest through filling up a form in the link – https://communityfibre.openreach.co.uk/cityoflondon.

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