Spectrum Choice for Mobile Broadband made by EU

It has been reported by a popular pro-broadband website that when it came to the matter of utilising the radio spectrum effectively to ensure comprehensive broadband internet coverage, the working pattern of European Union seems much similar to that of the government of the United Kingdom.

At present the digital segment of Europe is curiously waiting for the switchover of the digital TV spectrum to take place, which in its turn would free up the frequency utilised for the old analogue signal. This spectrum, as a matter of fact, is one that has been looked upon with great expectation by the UK government as well as the EU for its effectiveness to support mobile broadband to be served in those areas that cannot be reached by fixed-line broadband networks.

According to reports, the European Union has been urging all of its member countries to disengage the 790MHz to 862MHz spectrum from all broadcasting, considering it as a way by which it could be utilised exclusively to bear the communications services including mobile broadband.

However, a major disadvantage of this plan is that the existing mobile operating companies that has been enjoying part of the spectrum would seldom concede it without a struggle, unless something more enticing is offered to them to alleviate the blow.

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