South Ayrshire Wide Area Network Contract awarded to MLL Telecom

MLL Telecom has announced that they have secured a contract from the South Arysire Council in Scotland to upgrade its internet connectivity with a Wide Area Network infrastructure. The new network will provide basic data communication systems of the council’s services such as telephone, email, business systems. The ISP will totally replace the council’s legacy wireless network to provide fully managed network service.

The new infrastructure will also be beneficial to schools and other public sector sites and in addition it will be cost effective in connecting local infrastructure such as CCTV Cameras, traffic lights, public Wifi etc along with enhanced bandwidth speeds.

Also MLL Telecom has pledged to provide its support for the local community in providing new opportunities which includes to improve education, developing new skills with their apprenticeship scheme and recruitment of engineers from the community. The charities nominated by the council can get funds from the fundraising by the ISP.

The council has awarded a 5 year contract upon the ISP’s commitment to improve connectivity and ability to execute highly reliable and flexible service which is planned to meet the objectives of the council at a low cost and the migration to the new network is expected to start as early in 2019.

South Ayrshire Council’s member – Cllr Peter Henderson said that the council is working to ensure reliable internet access suitable for the customers and the new contract with MLL will help in achieving their aim to get faster and reliable connectivity, enhanced level of security and the system to adapt the changing needs. The new network will also upgrade wifi access for schools, council staff, customers in replacing the old technologies.

Technology Director at MLL Telecom – Ross Duke said that being a grown up ISP in Ayrshire, the main challenge is the poor network and now the old infrastructure will be replaced with new to support the Council’s digital transformation plans. The ISP will provide with their experience best of services and secure & reliable solution in upgradation of the networks.

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