Sky’s self-instal FTTC broadband to first trial over Openreach fibre

BT Openreach has to cope up with the increasing volume of FTTC orders as its expansion continues. Now they have confirmed that Sky Broadband will be the first ISP to start trial of a self-install variant of FTTC superfast broadband technology, that could answer some of the problems.

Trials have been going on of the self-install product with their own personnel. When introduced, a home engineer visit can be avoided and may result in shorter contract periods and could reduce set-up fees. On the other hand, the risk of replacing good re-wire or faceplate work with the plugging in of the Microfilter may result in reduced speeds, although it could be the simplest solution. But it’s not sure whether there will be a detriment in performance. So far Sky has reported a “positive” feedback on their internal trials. The self-install process would perhaps improve sales as is the presumption, but an engineer install option still remains. Cost implications are yet to be ascertained as the trials have to be completed.

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