Sky plans to launch Sky Q sans the satellite dish

Sky Q will be available without a satellite dish from 2018, announced the giant provider Sky. Anyone wishing to see Sky telly using broadband, will need a high-speed fibre-optic connection, as streaming TV needs both a fat bandwidth and data allowance.

According to Sky the response to the Sky Q service is very promising as the premium service has already got 600,000 homes signed up. The viewers watch 10% more content than a regular Sky subscriber. Therefore Sky is keen to bring the telly to more viewers. The internet based Sky Q service is expected to be launched some time in 2018.

However, Sky Q may lose 13 channels as the provider presently has a dispute with Discovery Communications, which handles the suite of Discovery Channels. If the negotiations don’t end positively soon, Animal Planet, Discovery, ID, Eurosport, TLC and Quest may be pulled out from the service.

Stephan Van Rooyen, Chief Executive of Sky, said this year for the first time they are planning Sky TV service without the need for a satellite dish, giving millions more of homes a chance to enjoy SkyQ and are finding ways to make their lives simpler.

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