Sky Mobile offers users new smartphone every year on ‘Swap’ service

Sky Mobile service has launched a new service called ‘Swap’, that allows its customers to swap their smartphone for the latest one every year. The new feature on the new Sky Moibile service, based on O2 MVNO platform, claims to offer it free of charges, without admin charges or upgrade fees and delivered free. It comes in two deals, the Swap 12 and Swap 24. Essentially, Sky Mobile customers get to know after 12 or 24 months that its time to go Swap.

Customers can select a brand-new smartphone from the entire range offered by Sky, including the likes of Sony, Samsung and LG. However, customers have to provide online details of their old smartphone, so that it can be sent over to Sky. On the other hand, those who keep their old smartphone will get reduced monthly payments till their contract ends. Although Sky claims this to be a radically new service, it is somewhat similar to the O2 Refresh service running currently. Although Sky Mobile lacks bigger data allowances, it could be offset by the operator’s existing data roll-over feature.

Sky’s CEO for UK and Ireland, Stephen van Rooyen, said customers want an affordable way to get a phone they want and when they want, which means no expensive upgrade fees or waiting for latest models. He added that, as customers already love the flexibility and great value offered by Sky Mobile, Swap would make this the most compelling offer today.

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