Satellite Internet finds interest up in rural parts for 20Mbps service

Satellite Internet, the specialist provider of satellite internet service, finds increased interest owing to the launch of an auxiliary broadband scheme by the government. The Basic Broadband for All programme under the BDUK (Broadband Delivery UK) project, aims to give a basic service of 2Mbps to all premises in UK. The broader aims is to deliver superfast coverage to 95% of UK by 2017. Under this scheme the government discounts the cost of installing satellite broadband in homes and businesses of remote areas.

Mike Locke, managing director of Satellite Internet, said the scheme helps those premises not reachable on the fibre-optic based rollout. Many premises in UK still don’t get basic broadband speeds, despite the demand for superfast connections nationwide, he remarked. He said the advantage of the subsidised satellite connection scheme is it comes directly under BDUK, unlike the fibre based broadband connectivity coming via regional authorities. This allows them to provide satellite broadband at most affordable costs to users and this affordability is attracting increased interest now, he pointed out.

The spike in interest is most likely because of the discount and the lack of any other option. To deliver faster satellite broadband, Satellite Interest is partnering with SES Techcom Services, which is a subsidiary of SES, the satellite operator. Satellite Internet is offering through the scheme of Basic Broadband For All, a service of 20Mbps speed, with a data allowance of 10GB, at £19.95 per month.

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