Satellite Internet Advantages and Disadvantages

If satellite broadband internet has taken the rural communications world by storm, it is definitely for good reason as it offers a reasonably fast, flexible, versatile, dependable and affordable service particularly for the consumers stranded in such areas. Thanks to the terrestrial broadband services such as fixed-line and mobile broadband for repudiating the scopes of internet service rollout in these regions citing technical and economic reasons.

Satellite broadband internet service is realised through geostationary satellites that are capable of serving satellite internet access to even the vessels at the ocean or moving vehicles on the land. This method of connecting to the internet is unique for its offering a reasonably fast broadband internet coverage even to the polar regions.

Although, the connection speeds delivered by satellite internet service may be a bit on the slower side, on average, customers insistent on this internet access service can today opt for satellite broadband connection packages that deliver internet access speeds of up to 10Mbps. These premium satellite packages also offer upload speeds of up to 2Mbps.

Another benefit of satellite broadband service is that outages of power are unlikely to impede the service, due to its signals coming from the space. Furthermore, satellite internet service can withstand extremely bad weather such as severe snowstorm or rain. The service, as a matter of fact, is complimented by the rugged nature of the dish and cables used outside.

The main disadvantage of satellite broadband service is its initial costs. Although, the monthly prices of the satellite internet packages are more or less par the monthly prices of other broadband versions, the initial cost for the hardware and installation is pretty heavy. Secondly, ardent gamers can experience latency related issues with satellite broadband. Another issue that the satellite broadband users are likely to face is the occassional slowing up of the service due to disturbances in the direction to which the dish is focused.

Here, the customers facing this issue might find it a bit annoying as it requires the expertise of a professional technician from the satellite broadband provider to do away with the glitch. This may be done by a simple tweaking of the dish as it needs to have a vivid view of the Southern sky for satellite internet to work.


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