Rural Northumberland offered satellite broadband by Avonline

To provide broadband to communities in rural Northumberland, Avonline, the satellite broadband provider, will be using satellite technology to deliver broadband internet. The ISP will be demonstrating their service to interested people, on a special van equipped to receive satellite broadband. The van will go on tour of Northumberland this month, to sell the service to residents of rural communities.

According to Mark Wynn, the company’s Managing Director, download speeds of up to 20 Mbps is possible wherever in UK by Avonline. There is no phone line needed or waiting for upgrade of lines. Residents unsatisfied with their internet lines’ speed can nominate their areas, for a visit by the special van, to the organisers. Northumberland County Council has tied up with Avonline to provide broadband service to far off communities and local authorities would provide support through the iNorthumberland loan scheme, for installations proposed for connectivity. Premises not served under the wide Superfast Cymru programme will get grants for alternative broadband solutions by the Access Broadband Cymru initiative instead.

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