Rural network expansion plan by ISP Cornwall Broadband through connecting local churches spires

One of the ISPs in the UK, which is Bude based, Cornwall Broadband is at present serving the premises both homes and businesses in the areas of Cornwall and Devon in England. They are planning to consider the ways of rural area network expansion by connecting the local churches spires.

Conservative MP for North Cornwall – Scott Mann recently stated that after discussing with the Church Commissioners Officer, there are no reasons why the spires of churches cannot be used for bringing network expansion in rural areas. He had a meeting with Cornwall Broadband and who want to have a discussion with the churches in Cornwall to use their spires that can be used to bring network expansion in the rural areas.

The idea is only at an early stage and the decision is to be taken by the diocese. Last year the UK Government had a accord with the National Church Institutions (NCIs) of the Church of England, which provided a framework for churches that enable to facilitate such networks. But there are various issues on heavy access charges in some of the areas.

Cornwall Broadband offers upto 500 Mbps broadband speeds for businesses and for residents upto a maximum of 60Mbps. Home packages start from £19.99 a month on 10Mbps service (128GB data allowance) and rise to £49.99 on 60Mbps package (data allowance 512GB). Their packages include required hardware, 18/ 24 month contract terms, one time installation charges (£100 to £200). The customers can take up unlimited data by paying extra from +£9.99 to +£6.99 based on the plan.

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