RootMetrics study rates mobile operators on YouTube streaming in London

RootMetrics has conducted a study in London on YouTube’s video streaming transmitted over the 4G and 3G networks, ad rating all the four primary mobile operators in the process. EE has come to top the list. Rating was based on several criteria, in a study which perhaps is a more academic, as performances largely depend on many general factors. One is the mobile broadband speed of each operator obtained via the 4G network coverage. Other factors include the network routing/peering arrangements and the operator’s Traffic Management system presently followed. All of these have an impact on the results.

EE has come on top overall in the study. It’s not surprising, as the operator enjoys better 4G coverage and higher speeds than other operators in London. On the other hand, the rest of the operators often fall back to 3G channels, which is slower and that certainly has an impact on performance and stability of the streaming flow. The study found that consumers on EE spent more than 90% of their time streaming videos in 720p (HD). Whereas, consumers with Vodafone spent more than 80% of their time and those with Three UK spent over 75% of their time.

Incidentally, only Three UK offers the “all-you-can-eat” data plans. This also means Three’s network may suffer more congestion and thus slower speeds, because of the higher usage online. Moreover, most mobile operators sell capped packages, which will limit the customer on usage and the streaming of video content, to avoid heavy additional costs to customers. Limited usage allowances continue to hamper the flexibility of the operator’s service, despite improving speed and coverage on 4G.

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