Rollout of fibre broadband in Scottish Highlands gets £4.7 million funding boost

The Scottish Highlands will receive a funding of £4.7 million awarded by the UK government, to help roll-out full fibre broadband there. Local providers will be helped to roll-out fibre broadband services of Gigabit capability, across the Highlands which are notoriously one of the most hard to reach areas of the country.

As part of an initiative to fast-track uptake and kick-start the digital economy, the UK government has dispersed nationwide some £190 million. A key area of discussion will be how best to boost connectivity in the UK’s hard to reach and rural communities, at this year’s event of Connected Britain, to be held on 19th and 20th June. The event will rope-in key stakeholders from the nation’s Gigabit sector.

Andrew Muir who is CEO and co-founder of FarrPoint, a telecoms consultancy firm, said this funding will provide the Scottish Highlands an increased footprint over the most northerly local authority, of the largest mainland in Britain. Andrew Muir believes this will improve the economic viability of the area, stimulate innovation, efficiency and productivity for local businesses to thrive. Connected premises will drive more investment into Gigabit connectivity and help innovations like 5G and IoT, he added.

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