Roll out of FTTP in Edinburgh & new fibre training school

Openreach has announced today that they have initiated the work of rolling out of full fibre broadband technology – Fibre to the Premises in Edinburgh. Edinburgh is the first city in Scotland to have roll out of FTTP technology of upto 1 GB speed.

To rollout of ultrafast broadband technology, Openreach have started a fibre training school in Livingston and made an investment of £400,000 for the same. Openreach has undertaken to support this rollout across the UK by recruiting 3500 new trainees – engineers in next 12 months. Till now they have received around 4000 applications for 400 new trainee engineers position in Scotland. A model residential street is available in the training school which will have fibres connecting a local exchange to an office / premises / houses passing through cabinets, poles and ducts for the trainers to get practical experience.

Clive Selley, Openreach’s Chief Executive said that new engineers help us to render their best to get wide coverage, fast speeds and best service across the country and the new school will make them to improve their skills to successfully accomplish this work.

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