Researchers push fibre transmission to limits, hits 1Tbps in experiment

Nokia Bell Labs, the Technical University of Munich and Deutsche Telekom T-Labs, are working together from their labs on a new technology to push data transfer to 1Tbps, over pure fibre-optic lines, to reach close to the theoretical maximum (known as The Shanon Limit). The researchers in the team have successfully done so in an experiment.

The project is part of the SASER (Safe And Secure European Routing) project and the experiment deployed a real-world optic-fibre network of Deutsche Telekom. A net transmission rate of 1 Tbps was achieved over an existing commercial fibre-optic network, which is indeed very positive. However, the team did not reveal much details, such as, what type of fibre set up, or what distance was covered, which could have been used to compare with other achievements reported.

Although the headline speed of 1 Tbps may not sound remarkable, technically it is remarkable, really. Hopefully, when the results of this experiment are presented by the research team to the European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) in Duseldorf (Germany), more details would be revealed on this new modulation technology experiment.

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